I must admit that I have been fortunate enough to experience several major accomplishments throughout my professional life.  I am the proud owner of Revive Dental, a thriving dental practice. I have won several speaking contests, been a keynote speaker and most recently, helped pass SB284, a Maryland bill that supports Medicaid for adult dental health.  One of my greatest achievements, however, is the work I am able to do through my non-profit, Teach Me Dental.

It has always been my desire to change the way people view dentistry.  I want to redefine how the public understands and treats their dental health while at the same time, empower dentists so that they understand how important they are to medicine.  Teach Me Dental is a platform that allows me to do just that.  

On Saturday, April 28th, Teach Me Dental hosted Part 2 of the Comprehensive Healthcare Series.  The focus was on the impact oral health has on children and pregnant women.  The conference began with our dynamic keynote speaker, Casey Hein, who shared her curriculum on the oral-systemic link.  This was followed by a panel discussion amongst industry leaders in dentistry and several doctors in various areas of medicine including obgyn, pediatrics, and nutrition.

The event was phenomenal, inspiring and quite frankly, ground-breaking.  Expert panelists helped attendees understand how they can articulate the value of their treatment recommendations in order to practice more effectively and make a difference in their patient’s lives.  It also forged a dialogue that is creating a path to integrate both the medical and dental professions.

At the end of the day, I want to educate and elevate the dental community.  I believe there is a major shift occurring in our industry and the days of dentists working in silo from other medical professions are numbered.  If you would like to learn more about Teach Me Dental, please visit www.teachmedental.com